Top 3 Domain Registrars

There is no doubt that the internet has grown over the years. Businesses and brands are coming online to get more exposure. Also, people are seeing the need to build websites for the sake of communication. In order to meet the needs of businesses, domain registrars came into existence. Their services are so important that without them, your website will not be visible on the internet.

Choosing the right domain registrar

There are lots of domain registrars to choose from on the internet. However, the problem is trying to choose the one that can meet your needs well. Many registrars may not be suitable for you.

There is no need to panic as this article will discuss the top 3 domain registrars at the moment. These are companies that have been tested and proven to offer good value for money.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

Before delving into the details of this article, it is important to have an understanding of domain registrars and the roles they play. These are companies that provide services related to registration and hosting of domains. They are recognized by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Their role is to help you register and manage domain names without any issues.

Domain names are the means through which websites are identified and visited online. Without them, the only way people can visit your site is via an IP address. A typical example of a domain name google.com, thedomainpromoter.com, and more. These names can only be generated through a domain registrar.

3 – PorkBun.com

When PorkBun.com first came into existence in the year 2014, most people doubted its reliability. However, it has become one of the best in providing uncompromised services. Its complete user-friendly interface has won the hearts of many customers over the years. Imagine being able to manage multiple domains and websites without any technical skill or knowledge. Very few domain registrars have succeeded in leaving a good impression on customers within such a short space of time.


Why choose PorkBun.com?

In case you are wondering why PorkBun has been chosen as one of the top 3 domain registrars; here are some of the benefits it offers: –

It is budget-friendly

This is where porkbun.com seems to be ahead at the moment. Sometimes, your chosen domain registrar may decide to charge more especially for the renewal of domains. This can be very frustrating because you may have to go through the stress of transferring such domains to another company for a better deal.

PorkBun is more affordable than many other registrars. You don’t have to spend premium prices to get most services. For instance, it gives you access to free domain privacy and free SSL.

Great customer support

It is only natural that you will experience technical issues at some point. It becomes more complicated if your registrar is not helping matters with poor customer support. PorkBun has a reputation for a great customer support system. They will help you to ensure your website is up and running as expected.

Easy to Use

There are people who have hundreds of domains with PorkBun. They are not necessarily technical people; however, their domains are running without any issues. This is primarily because PorkBun is so easy to use.

2 – NameSilo.com

NameSilo.com deserves to be listed amongst the top 3 domain registrars on the internet given its unrivaled achievements. Ever since it was founded in 2009, it has remained fully committed to the cause of helping people have a better online presence. If you are looking for a domain registrar that will help your business to grow online; a reliable domain registrar such as NameSilo will be of great help to you.


Why choose NameSilo.com?

Some of the reasons why you need to start using NameSilo for domain registration are:

Transparent pricing

Most domain registrars are claiming to be cheap. However, the majority of them do not have transparent pricing systems. For instance, you could be made to pay some hidden charges later. NameSilo is different as it does not have any hidden fees. In other words, what you see is what you pay for.

Different TLD options

This is where NameSilo has proven to be one of the top 3 domain registrars. Most companies limit you to only generic extensions like .net, .com, Edu, and .org. However, Namesilo.com makes over 400 extensions available for customers to use. These could be .gov, .biz, .pro, and more.

Great customer support

NameSilo is good at providing the best customer support. It is a company that will ensure you never get stranded along the lines while registering your domain. It doesn’t really matter the time of the day you decide to contact its support team; they will always be available to help out.

1 – NameCheap.com

It is no surprise that NameCheap.com is the best amongst the top 3 domain registrars in this article. This company has been helping businesses gain web presence since 2000. Firstly, most of its users are quick to point out its interface, which they refer to as “very clean and user-friendly”. There are those who have found its website builder helpful. With this feature, you do not need to be a pro before creating high converting websites. If you are just starting out in the world of eCommerce, this is the right company for you.

NameCheap Homepage

Why choose NameCheap.com?

The truth about NameCheap is that its benefits are numerous. There are lots of people who have been experiencing these benefits firsthand over the years. Some of these benefits are listed below:


This has been the major strength of NameCheap over the years. It is extremely good value for money. For instance, its shared hosting program requires you to pay just $1.44/month. Despite the low-price tag, you have access to features like unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, privacy protection, free SSL installation (automatic), and more!

Latest technology

NameCheap has proven to be a leader in the business; not just making domain names available but also ensuring these are working on reliable servers. There is an uptime guarantee to ensure websites are performing optimally. You will get access to the most updated software to help your business run smoothly like PHP, Jailshell SSH, and CMS. It is truly ahead of the game in this regard.


NameCheap is very reliable and trusted. For instance, servers are constantly monitored to ensure they are safe. There is support for scripts like Ruby, Node.js, Python, and others.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that these companies have managed to stand out when it comes to providing domain registration and hosting. Their services are reliable, affordable, and easy to use; ensuring your business will run without any interruption. You will be in good hands if you choose any of the registrars mentioned in this article.

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