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Today, I will be reviewing Porkbun.com a domain registrar that also provides other services, such as web hosting.

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What is Porkbun.com

porkbun.com home page

Porkbun is a young and fun company who are willing to share their personal side with their customers. For example, we are given one unique fact about each member of staff who are all pictured on the site. They interact with customers in an informal and humorous manner.

Porkbun is an American based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited domain registrar. They also have a presence in Beijing China. One of their key values is having the lowest prices; while still giving the standard features and functions of their competitors – who usually have higher prices.

What They Offer


As I mentioned earlier, Porkbun is a domain registrar – so they provide domain names. The most common domain which is .com will cost you $4.15 for the first year and the renewal cost is $8.56 thereafter. If you would like to see the rest of the domain names they are offering; you can click here.

porkbun.com domains

Web Hosting

They also provide web hosting. If you would like to start your own website or blog then Porkbun will be able to host your website. They have a few different web hosting options:

SiteBuilder:  this allows you to create a professional website through Weebly which is a drag and drop builder. The first 3 months are a free trial and then as low as $3 a month.

Easy WordPress: Did you know a third of all websites online use WordPress? In this package, Porkbun has created a hosting environment that prioritizes performance and security. The first 15 days are free trial and then a very reasonable $10 a month.

Static Hosting: If you need a simple website, Porkbun provides its blazing-fast static hosting at a very affordable price. The first 15 days are free trial and then as low as $2 a month.

cPanel: Porkbun has made this package so that if you just want a standard shared hosting plan; which isn’t specifically tailored for any type of website; then this would be the package for you. The price is $10 per month.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is free for the first 3 months when you register a domain name. After that, it’s $24 a year. The email hosting comes with the following features: 10GB of storage, secure IMAP and POP, send and receive mail, webmail, email forwarding, and customer support. If you are interested in getting email hosting through Porkbun click here.

porkbun.com email hosting

WHOIS Privacy

This is a service that keeps all your private information secure. Porkbun gives this for free on any of the domain names you have registered with them.

SSL Certificates

This is another service that comes free when you register a domain name with Porkbun. This certificate makes your website secure; protecting your customers and making your site look professional.

Email Forwarding

This is a limited service and it allows you to forward emails from your new domain name. For example, if you were using name@domain.com you can now forward from name@newdomain.tld.

URL Forwarding

With this, you will be able to redirect your newly registered domain to an existing website.


You can transfer your already registered domain names to Porkbun. If you would like to transfer any of your domain names click here and there are instructions to help you out in the transferring process.

These are all the services Porkbun offer.  If you have any further questions you can send them an email at support@porkbun.com.

Benefits of Using Porkbun

benefits of porkbun.com

When it comes to purchasing from Porkbun.com there are no hidden fees. They show each price clearly and the annual renewal fee. Also if you were to transfer a domain to them – what the fee would be. They are very transparent and honest. In my opinion, they seem like a very reliable and safe business to use for domains and hosting.

When you register a domain name from Porkbun.com you will get WHOIS privacy for free. This is very useful in protecting your personal information.

All Porkbun accounts can be protected by two-factor authentication. This means no hackers will be able to access your account if you have this enabled. This is an extra layer of security and safety.

When you purchase any of their services there is a personal touch to all interaction during the process of buying. Also, if you need any assistance or have any questions the support team is very customer friendly and reliable.

When you register a domain name with Porkbun. It comes with a free SSL certificate which is very important to make your website look professional and secure. It’s the padlock in the search bar and it’s free when you register with Porkbun.com.

One thing I really like about Porkbun is that they don’t spam your email with so many offers which might not be relevant to you. It’s nice to know you can give your email and not worry about getting lots of irrelevant offers and spam from them.

During a certain time period, they have live support; so someone will answer your phone call. If you email Porkbun, they usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Lastly, they accept bitcoin as payment for all their services. So if you would prefer to pay in bitcoin there will be no issues when registering a domain or purchasing any of the hosting plans from Porkbun.

Think Twice about this

When it comes to negatives there aren’t many, but one would be that if you wanted to bulk buy domains, Porkbun wouldn’t be the best option as the prices aren’t discounted. So that’s to say that the price of a domain would be the same whether you buy one or many.

Porkbun’s Knowledge Base

porkbun knowledge base

Porkbun has an extensive knowledge base. If you have any difficulty with any of the following:

Each section has multiple articles that cover all problems that you may encounter.

The purpose of a knowledge base is to cover problems that you may come across and you might need help with.

What are Customers Saying

These are some of the things customers are saying about Porkbun.com:

porkbun.com customer reviews 1

porkbun customer reviews 2

Final Thoughts

I would say if you are looking to purchase a domain name for a really cheap and consistent price I would go with Porkbun.com. As mentioned earlier there are some negatives to think about but overall it’s a great place to register a domain name. Another reason to register with them is all the security options and free services that come with registering with them.

With their other services, I believe they are really well priced and the whole process of having your domain name and hosting in one place can be very beneficial, simple, and easy to use. Also, they don’t just have a single web hosting offer; they have multiple as mentioned earlier in this article.

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