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Hi, my name is Usamah. My area of study and expertise is Computing and Business. In this blog, I will be providing information about domain names and relevant topics such as what is a domain name and how they work.

I want to help people make better decisions when starting a website and the first step is picking the right domain name and hosting plan. In my time, I have acquired a lot of domain names and made the mistakes you don’t have to when choosing a domain name for your first website. 

This website should be your go-to place to come when you need answers about domain names and any related topics like hosting.

You may think that a domain name is not a big deal but it’s the identity of your website and brand. It’s extremely important and there are many factors to consider when deciding on a domain name. Take your time and read through the articles I have written in my blog section.

If you have any further questions I am happy to help send me an email at info@thedomainpromoter.com